Scorpio Full Moon Ceremonial BREATHWORK and gathering

Monday April 26th

7 pm – 8.30 pm Scandinavian time CEST

Love to connect and see your lovely soul in our Zoom-room

The guidance can be hold in Norwegian and English safely and gentle. 

*No earlier experience of Breathwork needed. 

What You Get

Circle – Ceremony

Full Moon insight of the powerful pink Moon on Scorpio with our inner emotions running high in the element of water. Let’s us together deal with our “shadow self”.

Guided Meditation 



Collective Reiki Energy

Please Prepare

A quiet and peaceful/ undisturbed place
A mat or blanket to lay on (on the floor)
Blanket (and eye mask) for the Breathwork session
Your Journal and pen
A cup or small bowl of water to our rituals
Optional choice
Candles, crystals and oils

About Monica

Monica Is an experience Spaceholder. She is having a clinical master’s degree in Family therapy, she is a Reiki Master, has a 125 Hour Breathwork Facilitator training, she is an experience yoga teacher and body worker with a bachelor’s degree in Sports science, Health and movement. She also has a Lecturer degree as an educator and teacher. She promises to her best for warmly keep you safe and hold the space for you so you as a collective and individual can open up, dive into your emotions and other energies and blocks stuck in the body, mind and emotions, let go and open up for your full potential and your next steps in life. 

How To Access

Once you have registered your information and made the payment from the link above, you will automatically receive the zoom link for our time together. Make sure that the e mail does not land in your spam folder.

If you don’t have Zoom, you can download application for free  ---> Here. 

About Breathwork (Briefly)

This style of breathwork is intuitive guided and allows us to get access of our layers of both our physical and emotional body. The breath helps us to get deep true our different layers, to be aware of our blocks, the information stored in the body, to get deeper information, to move true the blocks, let go, to detox, to get guidance answers and clarity from our inner being and to receive a feeling of being deeply connected to our body. Aa our Brain store memories from traumas or emotional experiences, our nervous system, muscles, organs and tissues been imprinted by the same information. This Breathwork technique allows you to develop a relationship with your breath and connect to your own vibrations. It can give you benefits as to find your home frequency in the emotional a psychical body to release and clear out stagnant energy, blockages, pain or strong emotions, limited beliefs or patterns from your system. In other words, bring you closer to ex. balance, awareness and positive health benefits.  The knowledge and practice of Breathwork in deeper forms has helped me to stay centered and aware in my own vulnerability and give me my biggest release and transforaminal tool in my personal healing journey. Let us find your journey back to your own truth and beautiful heart with dealing with our shadow self. 

Warmly Welcome with love, Monica

*This class has no refunds or credits


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